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    • 107 letters... can you use every one of them?
    • Every game you play... ITLMAKEUTHINK
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ITLMAKEUTHINK © is a brand new board game.

For just one person, anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Yes, you did read that correctly; a game for just one person only. That is one of the things that is so unusual and unique about this game; you do not need anyone else with you to play it. Anytime you fancy a game, you just get it out of the box and start playing, making it ideal if you are on your own or if your friends or partner etc are too busy doing other things.

If you enjoy word games, crosswords and similar style puzzles, and especially Scrabble, then this is the game for you and for like minded people amongst your friends and relations.

The object of the game is to successfully place all 107 letters on the board, by forming words both horizontally and vertically. There are 7 different Levels of Play for you to chose from, with each one dependent upon how easy or how difficult that you want your game to be.

The higher the Level of Play that you choose, the smaller your playing area becomes, therefore making your game that much more difficult and challenging.

And that is another thing that is so unique about this game. There is always a Level of Play available to choose from that will personally match your own ability.

A few photos of the game

  • Game Contents


    Small Travel Box


    Tile Holder



Key features


Share the challenge with your friends and family, it'll make them think!

Play anywhere

With such a simple concept and board, the game can be played anywhere, anytime.

Unique gift

This game has a unique concept, so give it as a gift for a special experience.

Tried and tested

Its creator has been playing the game for 15 years, each game is still exciting.

"Absolutely brilliant game and very addictive. That's several of my Christmas presents sorted!"

Joyce Humphreys

Health & Educational Benefits

What benefits might you or your friends gain from playing ITLMAKEUTHINK?

Statistics show that you can Relieve Stress, Gain Mental Balance and Relax.

Playing board games is an excellent way to relax. An online survey carried out by casual games developer RealNetworks Inc revealed that:


Unwind & Relax

64% of respondents said they played games as a way to unwind and relax.


Relieve Stress

53% play to relieve stress.


Staying Sharp

42% believe game play is a way to keep his/her mind sharp.

Reduce Your Risk of Developing Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that challenging your brain with mentally stimulating leisure activities (including playing board games) is great for your mind.

Seniors who participated in such activities about once a week for a 20 year period reduced the risk of dementia by 7%. Those who engaged in these activities more often, reduced their risk even more; this time by 63%

Improve spelling with games

ITLMAKEUTHINK will help children learn new words and help them with their spelling.

Teaching children to spell is often a challenge to many parents and children often struggle at school with those dreaded weekly spelling tests. Very few children really look forward to having to sit down for half an hour or so and have to start learning new words and how to spell them. But learning does not have to be a boring. A word game need not be dull, difficult or boring... instead it will hold a child's attention to get the knowledge they need.

  • Playing ITLMAKEUTHINK will help feed the knowledge to a child, and without boring them .It will help stimulate a child's knowledge without allowing them to actually realise it.
  • When children learn things while playing, the things they learn remain in their memory for a longer time.
  • They will get to play a fun game and their parents will get the satisfaction that they are playing an educational game.

So, no matter how young or old you are, these are three very good reasons for playing ITLMAKEUTHINK.

"I've been playing this game now all week and have not got a single bit of housework done. It's really good!"

Jean J, Holywell Bay.

How it came about

The idea of the game was conceived 15 years ago on our annual holidays in Lanzarote.

First thing every morning, I used to (and still do) sit on my sunbed and spend an hour or so playing a game. I have lost track over the years of the number of people who would wander over and enquire about it, try it out, and then come back saying "that's a really good game, you should do something about it and take it further!"

With time on my hands following a broken ankle last September, I decided to do just that and set the wheels in motion.

Further research revealed that most people enjoyed playing board games, but many then added the proviso "but I have no one to play with" or "the other half is too busy watching something on the box or is too busy doing other things".

You do not have that problem with this game; any time you fancy a game, then you are able to.

Many hours were spent fine tuning and tweaking things to ensure that the end product is such a straight forward and uncomplicated game.

The result is a top quality product manufactured to conform with all of the legal requirements to achieve CE marking.

Anyone who enjoys doing crossword puzzles or word games will be perfectly at home playing this game; if you enjoy a game of scrabble, then you will almost certainly get many, many hours of enjoyment from playing this game.

Remember, every time you play the game, itlmakeuthink!

"Great game, if you're into words you'll love it!"

Mark, North Wales.

Long in the making

Pete has been playing the game since 1998, yet only now is it being packaged up for you to play!

  • 1998
  • Playing the game on holiday, every day. Crowds would gather and watch as the game got tense!

  • On several occasions during that time others staying at the same place have told me it looks a really good game, you should do something about.

  • Years pass by with people telling me I should "do something about it!" So, I eventually did.

  • 2012
  • November

    Now came the real do it message from a couple of ladies staying there started taking an interest... they play scrabble all the time back home, together, tournaments, leagues the lot. I have always realised that obviously it is a bit like scrabble in some ways and that had put me off slightly....but they insisted, no its nothing like scrabble. You play on your own. There is no scoring involved. The tiles have no values. My board has more cells. I have more tiles. You choose how difficult or easy you want to make it. The aim of the game is different and so on. That went someway to re think matters.

  • December

    Searched the internet to check there was nothing else like it. There are in fact several variants of Scrabble on Wikipedia but they are all related to how you play it and altering the methods of scoring, nothing remotely like mine. Searched high and low for any popular board game that is for ONE player only... there aren't any. Thats why it is so unique.

  • 2013
  • January

    Sat down, designed the board, wrote the rules. I've never needed rules because it's so basic and straight forward... but anybody opening the box needs to know exactly what to do.

  • May

    Entered discussions with China for production.

  • July

    Prototype of game received for analysis.

  • August

    First production run.

  • October

    First complete game received.

  • November

    First production run received... see you on the other side!

"Mother said I wouldn't have the patience to play this, played three games this afternoon and I love it!"

Rob H Dolgellau


Read what other people have to say about ITLMAKEUTHINK…

Having played and developed my game now for many years and then eventually bringing it onto the market, I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback that I have received from people now sharing my pleasure of playing this game. I can honestly say that there has not been a single negative comment received about any aspect of the game.

Below are just a few of the many comments and remarks received from delighted customers.

Absolutely fantastic game.I have not stopped playing it yet, the colour and quality of the tiles is fantastic; it is such a unique game. All my friends will definitely be getting one for their birthday.

Kathleen J. from Holywell

Many thanks for the two games that I ordered from you. I am told it is a brilliant game, but up to now, I have not been able to get anywhere near it because when my wife isn't playing it, then one of my two children are.

John L. from Derby

Just to let you know that my mother absolutely loves this game; it is giving her hours and hours of pleasure playing it and she managed to complete the hardest level last week. She is also very impressed with the quality of materials and construction of the game itself. A credit to you, well done.

Peter Brooks from Shropshire

Many thanks for the game Pete, both my mum and dad love it; it's brilliant.

Steve M. from Newquay

I seem to have lost Mrs L to runnerpete's game. She used all the words up last night in about 30 minutes on Level 5 and will try Level 7 tonight... I look forward to a peaceful evening

Harold L. from Berkshire

Hi Pete, hope you had a nice Christmas. Just letting you know that the game is a big hit with my Mum, and I think I played it more than her to be honest. It is quite addictive and it really does make you think

Jason B from Newquay

Great new game

Helen B from London

Absolutely brilliant game and very addictive.

Joyce H. North Wales

Great game by the way, well done

Christine R-A. Stafford

Myself and my mum spent all weekend taking it turn to play this game. We both love it and found it very addictive. It's a brilliant idea and such a simple concept. I love the idea that you get the choice of what level you want to play; if I want a quicker game, I just choose to use more of the board, but if I have more time to spend playing it, I can just choose a higher level which is obviously harder to complete and therefore requires more thinking. I also like the idea that if I have to break off in the middle of a game, it is always there for me to finish it when I want.

Jo H. Newquay (employed in the toy and game industry for pre-school age children)

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